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Jacob (left) prophesies the future of his sons' descendants, the Israelites. When we come to the twelve sons of Israel who founded the Twelve Tribes of Israel, the Bible only mentions that Judah and Simeon married Canaanitish daughters. The terms "Jews" and "Samaritans" largely replaced the title "Children of Israel" 43 as the commonly used ethnonym for each respective community.

Along with Nation of Islam, whose leader, Louis Farrakhan, has made disparaging remarks against Jews, the SPLC classifies this wing of the Black Israelite religion as a hate group. These Israelite children are about 10 years old. Eran Elhaik, Dr. Ariella Oppenheim, Dr. Martin Richards, and many others—have discovered that the Jews” of today have little or no Israelite blood.

The notorious white supremacist leader Tom Metzger once remarked of extremist Hebrew Israelites, "They're the black counterparts of us." The belief system of extremist Hebrew Israelites is basically the reversed-color mirror image of the Christian Identity theology embraced by many white supremacists, which holds that mainstream Jews are the descendants of Satan and that white people are the chosen ones, divinely endowed by God with superior status over "mud people," believers' term for non-white individuals.

In the book of Deuteronomy, chapter 28, the Most High God reveals to the children of Israel the curses that would befall them if they were to disobey His commandments. The real Hebrews test is your ancestry where you originated from Africa such as Ghana, Niger, Sudan, Nigeria, Chad, South Africa, Congo and some other countries there which likely prove a true Hebrew.

In Jewish popular culture, the ten tribes disappeared from history, leaving golden girdle only the tribes of Benjamin, Judah , and Levi to eventually become the modern day Jews. In 1966, African Israelite founder and leader Ben Ammi (the name literally means Son of My People,” formerly Ben Carter of Chicago) claimed to have been visited by the angel Gabriel.

16:18 Judges and officers shalt thou make thee in all thy gates, which the "I AM" thy God giveth thee, throughout thy tribes: and they shall judge the people with just Judgment. Black women are taught to look up to her and other false female idols as part of a plot to destroy the true Israelite family.

"General Mayakaahla Ka," an Israelite School of Universal Practical Knowledge preacher, regularly shouts down whites, Jews and other enemies in street confrontations. Also, one of God's covenant promises to his chosen people was that they would be a blessing to all nations.

Many Black Hebrew Israelites see white people as almost subhuman. God tells us another nation will reap the rewards of Israel's labor. We are the Israelites according to the Bible. Hebrew Israelites usually hold the King James Version of the Bible as authoritative.

This movement claims that the true Hebrews are the modern descendants of ancient Israelites who have been scattered to the four corners of the earth. Parfitt, Black Jews in Africa and the Americas, 149. These twenty-four books of the Hebrew Bible correspond exactly with the number of books found in standard Protestant Bibles today, which is 39. The Jews just arranged their books differently.

In a social and political climate that has produced the Black Lives Matter” movement, to witness a rapper of Kendrick Lamar's status eschewing Black” in favor of Israelite” would seem to be a rejection of the current political ethos. The history of the so-called "Negro" and West Indian in the Americas and the Caribbean is the exact fulfillment of the ancient prophecy of punishment, if they did not obey the Creator.

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